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Introducing Our New Blog - Notes from Curvy Carley...For Curvy Brides Only

Hey Curvy Brides! We're glad you're here! This blog will be jam packed with photos, ideas, and super helpful tips on making your big day everything you want it to be. At Curvique, curvy brides are the rule, not the exception. So that means that naturally we are THE source for all things curvy, bridal,  and fabulous. Check us out...



Welcome to the new Curvique® Couture Bridal Blog! The hottest new blog, where the stunningly figured can keep abreast of all the latest bridal gown styles, fashions, and trends.
Hi, I’m Curvy Carley! Your go-to Curvy Bridal Blogger and it’s my distinct privilege to have the opportunity to bring you all the latest in wedding gown couture.
This is the place where you’ll:
  • Discover chic and edgy ways to design the gown you’ve always dreamed of.
  • Get some expert styling advice from our amazing designers, stylists, and tailors.
  • Plus, you’ll learn how to embrace, maximize and incorporate your curviness into your gown selection.
And for your viewing pleasure, you’ll also be able to:
  • Get a glimpse of the latest gowns to grace the runways of New York Bridal Fashion Week and other curvy runway shows.
  • Take a peek at some of the hottest styles from leading bridal gown designers.
  • Check out some of our former fabulously figured bridal clients and…
We’ll even showcase you in your Curvique® gown; by featuring you in an upcoming blog post!
So sit back girlfriend and prepare to be amazed! I promise. You’ve never experienced a bridal blog quite like this. And hey! If you have any questions, feel free to Like Us on Facebook® or drop us an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. because your question could very well be our next post! So get ready curvy diva,  because you’re about to experience Curvique® Couture at its best!
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